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    Oval Mastery: The Pinnacle of EleganceTaking center stage in this magnificent engagement ring is a 2.26 CT oval-cut diamond, flawlessly measured at 10.45 x 7.39 x 4.70 mm. Celebrated for its harmonious blend of round and marquise shapes, the oval diamond offers a unique interplay of light, creating an effect of elongated elegance. Graced with an F color grade and VS1 clarity, this gem is a reflection of pure love, unblemished and true. Solitaire Setting: Simplicity's Timeless StatementIn the world of engagement rings, there's an understated power in simplicity. The solitaire setting chosen for this ring is a testament to that sentiment. By allowing the oval diamond to reign supreme, uninterrupted by other stones, its inherent beauty and brilliance are amplified, making the ring a singular expression of commitment and devotion. Rose Gold Romance: A Blush of Timeless LoveCradling this pristine diamond is the warm embrace of rose gold—a metal renowned for its romantic blush hue. Rose gold not only complements the fiery sparkle of the diamond but also adds a vintage charm and contemporary allure to the design. It's the perfect representation of a love that's both ageless and modern. Embrace the Moment: Contact Us Today.Your journey towards forever deserves to be celebrated and cherished. Should you require assistance, guidance, or simply want to share your excitement, feel free to reach out to us. Let MY Diamond Collection be a part of your special moment, helping you find the perfect symbol of your love and devotion. Your Satisfaction, Our Commitment.At MY Diamond Collection, our commitment extends beyond exquisite jewelry. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring your satisfaction. Your journey towards forever is as important to us as it is to you. Trust us to deliver a solitaire engagement ring that captures the depth of your emotions and the promise of a beautiful future together.

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    1. The Enchanting Cushion Centerpiece Stunning 1.03 CT Cushion-Cut Diamond: At the heart of this exquisite engagement ring lies a captivating 1.03 CT cushion-cut diamond. Renowned for its romantic, vintage appeal, the cushion cut boasts softened corners and broad facets that dance with light. Graced with an exceptional E color grade and VS1 clarity, this diamond radiates a delicate blend of fire and brilliance, perfectly capturing the essence of eternal love. 2. A Halo of Sparkling Accents 0.4 CT of Dazzling Side Stones: Encircling the central diamond is a halo of meticulously chosen side stones, totaling 0.4 CT. These carefully selected diamonds intensify the overall glow, lending a celestial aura to the centerpiece. Their presence magnifies the ring's allure, creating a mesmerizing display of light that truly embodies splendor and elegance. 3. The Warmth of Rose Gold Luxurious 18K Rose Gold Band: Setting the stage for this luminous assembly is the ring's lustrous 18K rose gold band. Its distinct pinkish hue, derived from a blend of gold with copper alloys, adds a touch of warmth and femininity. Rose gold not only provides a charming contrast to the icy sheen of the diamonds but also resonates with vintage charm and modern sophistication, creating a harmonious blend of timeless and contemporary beauty. Experience Love's True Radiance: Reach Out Today MY Diamond Elegance invites you to immerse yourself in the splendor of this cushion halo engagement ring. Each piece in our collection is a labor of love, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality, design, and the joyous journey of love itself. Let us help you find the perfect symbol for your unique love story. Your Precious Moments, Our Timeless Creations At MY Diamond Elegance, every jewel is a pledge of passion and perfection. Entrust us with your story of love, and we promise to provide you with a ring that not only symbolizes its everlasting beauty and strength but also becomes a cherished heirloom for generations to come. Your journey towards forever deserves nothing less than extraordinary – let us make it shine.

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    1. Sublime Oval Centerpiece Captivating 1.17 CT Oval Diamond: At the heart of this engagement ring lies an alluring Oval diamond, gracefully measuring 8.80 x 5.87 x 3.51 mm. Weighing a impressive 1.17 CT, this diamond exudes timeless charm, perfect for those who appreciate classic elegance infused with contemporary sophistication. Its E-color grade ensures exceptional brilliance, symbolizing the purity of your love. 2. Refined Channel-Set Enhancements Tasteful 0.1 CT Side Diamonds: Flanking our distinguished oval gem are meticulously channel-set side diamonds, adding an additional 0.1 CT of sparkle. These carefully chosen stones not only elevate the main diamond's splendor but weave a narrative of love, commitment, and unity. The channel setting provides a sleek, modern look while ensuring the diamonds are securely nestled. 3. The Warm Embrace of Rose Gold Romantic 18K Rose Gold Setting: Meticulously sculpted from the enchanting hues of 18K Rose Gold, this ring creates a heartwarming harmony with the diamonds. The soft, pink undertones form a sumptuous backdrop, enhancing the center stone's brilliance while offering a piece that whispers tales of undying affection. This unique combination of cool diamond radiance and warm metal tones results in a ring of unparalleled romance. Your Love Story Awaits: Contact Us Today Your journey towards forever deserves to be celebrated with a ring as unique as your love. Whether you need guidance, have questions, or simply want to share your excitement, we're here for you. Let MY Diamond Collection be part of your love story, assisting you in finding the perfect symbol of your devotion. Committed to Your Happiness At MY Diamond Collection, our dedication goes beyond creating exquisite jewelry. We're committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring your complete satisfaction. Your path to forever is as important to us as it is to you. Trust us to deliver an engagement ring that not only captures the depth of your love but also stands as a timeless testament to your beautiful future together.

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    1. תצוגת יהלומים מסנוורת, טבעת אירוסין סוליטייר שלנו כוללת יהלום עגול מבריק וקורן בגודל 6.89 - 6.93 מ"מ. עם משקל קראט מרשים של 1.25 קראט, טבעת מרהיבה זו מבטיחה נוכחות נוצצת שאי אפשר להתעלם ממנה. 2. נגיעה משלמות עם יהלום בצבע E, היהלום כמעט חסר צבע ומדהים, רק צעד אחד מפסגת דרגות צבע היהלומים. יחד עם ניקיון VVS2, היהלום קרוב לשלמות. מה שהופך אותו לבחירה מובחרת עבור אלה שמעריכים את הפרטים הקטנים ביותר באיכות היהלום. 3. אלגנטיות הזהב האדום רומנטית ומשלימה את היהלום לטבעת מעוצבת להפליא. הגוונים החמים של הזהב הורוד עוטפים את היהלום בחיבוק של יוקרה ואהבה, ומוסיפים נופך עכשווי לתכשיט הנצחי הזה. לחבק את הרגע: את המסע הנצחי שלך עם בחירת ליברך ראוי לחגוג ולהוקיר. אם אתה זקוק לסיוע, הדרכה, או פשוט רוצה לשתף את ההתרגשות שלך, אל תהסס לפנות אלינו. תן לקולקציית היהלומים שלנו להיות חלק מהרגע המיוחד שלך, לעזור לך למצוא את הסמל המושלם של אהבה ומסירות. שביעות הרצון שלך היא המחויבות שלנו. ב-MY Diamond Collection המחויבות שלנו הולכת צעד מעבר לתכשיטים עוצרי נשימה. אנו מחויבים לשירות לקוחות אישי על מנת להבטיח את שביעות רצונך. המסע שלך אל עבר הזוגיות הנצחית חשוב לנו כמו שהוא חשוב לך. סמוך עלינו שנספק לך טבעת אירוסין שתשקף את עומק הרגשות שלכם ואת עתידך עם בחירת ליבך.