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    The Captivating Oval: A Mesmerizing ShowcaseCentering this striking engagement ring is a 1.24 CT oval-cut diamond, sized at 8.74 x 6.22 x 3.62 mm. This diamond shape, with its elongated silhouette and curved lines, is emblematic of elegance and grace. Blessed with a pristine D color and VVS2 clarity, this diamond offers a near-immaculate brilliance, symbolizing the clear and pure love shared between two souls. Infinite Embrace: The White Gold Infinity SettingThe infinity setting in this masterpiece isn't just a design—it's a promise. Interwoven with the dazzling oval diamond are side stones totaling 0.26 CT, creating a loop that suggests an everlasting bond. Crafted meticulously in resplendent white gold, the setting gives the impression of a love that knows no end, a love that's infinite and eternal. Lustrous Harmony: The Sheen of White GoldA symbol of purity and sophistication, white gold is the perfect backdrop for this gem. It complements the D color diamond flawlessly, accentuating its brilliance while offering a contemporary elegance to the overall design. White gold doesn't merely hold the diamond; it illuminates its beauty, creating a harmonious symphony of sparkle and glow. Embrace the Moment: Contact Us Today.Every love story is unique, and your journey to forever should be celebrated in all its glory. Whether you seek guidance, have questions, or simply wish to express your joy, MY Diamond Collection is here for you. Let us assist you in finding that perfect symbol of your unwavering love. Your Satisfaction, Our Commitment.Beyond crafting exquisite jewels, MY Diamond Collection is dedicated to ensuring an unparalleled experience for you. Your journey and its significant milestones are of utmost importance to us. Trust in our craftsmanship and dedication to deliver a ring that becomes the ultimate embodiment of your eternal love.